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About our boat kits

We have taken the difficult part out of boatbuilding. Then you can have the fun building your new boat.

The boat kits basis package | The boat kits complete package | Mast and sails | CE-marking | Shipping |

The boat kits basis package

Our boat kit consist of a basic package with all the plywood parts to build the boat is included. Beside this basic package you will need some fiberglass and epoxy (please see further down the page for more details about this).

boat plans

The plywood parts are cut at our factory where we have the most modern CAM software and CNC milling machines. This means that the plywood parts are cut with hundredth of millimeters accuracy.

Every single plywood part are cut and labeled. All you have to do is unpack the parts before you can start building your new boat. You don't even have to sand the edges of the plywood parts with sandpaper before you begin. It can't be done easier.

We use plywood made from Okoume. The plywood is fine for boats that will be painted, but since the colour can vary we can't guarantee you will be able to varnish the boat. If you have any special requests for the plywood you are most welcome to contact us, since we can deliver the boat kit with any plywood you want. With the plywood parts you will also receive drawings, building instructions and building manuals. You will receive these documents by email and you will have to print them yourself. They can be printed on an ordinary standard A4 printer. When you pint yourself it also has the advantage that you can print new copies should the first ones be damaged during your work.

To make the boat building as easy for you as possible we have made 5 building manuals. The manuals consists of more than 100 pages of instruction that will guide you through the building process. The building process is stitch and glue which means that you will start with stitching the parts with wire or cable ties and then afterwards glue with epoxy and fiberglass. The technique is really suitable for home boat builders and gives you a strong and lightweight hull.

The drawings, building instruction and manuals are in English language.

The boat kits basis package consist of the following:

  • All the plywood parts for your new boat
  • Drawings and assembly drawings
  • Building instruction
  • Bill of materials
  • Building manuals

The boat kits complete package

To make it as easy for you as possible to build your new boat we have made this complete package. The package contain all necessary fiberglass and fabric together with epoxy, hardener and fillers.

The width of the fiberglass tape depends on the boat kit you choose. Our fiberglass package has the right amount of tape to build the boat in questions. At the same time the package contain fiberglass fabric so you can glue the bottom and side panels. You must cut this fiberglass fabric in suitable sizes yourself and the tape must also be cut in the right lengths. The building instructions explain the process in details.

The package also contain the amount of epoxy necessary to build you new boat. The amount is carefully weight out and is enough to glue the panels, fiberglass tape, fiberglass fabric and to prime the boat before painting.

Epoxy is expensive so the amount will be what you need. However we know the amount can vary from builder to builder so we have tried to match an average plus a bit extra. However if you end up needing more epoxy you will be able to order more.

The package also contains filler for the epoxy. The filler is used to thicken the epoxy so you can use it between the hull panels and frames. The building instruction describes the use of epoxy and filler in details.

The boat kits complete package contain the following:

  • All parts from the basis package
  • Fiberglass tape for gluing the boat
  • Fiberglass fabric for gluing the long bottom and side panels
  • Epoxy resin to glue the plywood, fiberglass tape and fabric
  • Hardener for the epoxy
  • Filler to thicken the epoxy

Mast and sails

For some of our boat kits we can deliver mast and sails. Mast and other spars (boom/sprit/yard etc.) are made from selected spruce. The spruces are selected with special attention to straightness, narrow growth rings, thin branches and fine centering. This gives the absolute best wood for spars.

The mainsail is made with white TNF Dacron sailcloth. TNF is a standard Dacron sailcloth for cruising. The sail is mounted with battens in the leech, luff tell-tales, brass eyelets in the luff and foot for lashing and adjustable leechline in the leech.

If the design has a jib it is also made with white TNF Dacron sailcloth. The jib is mounted with steel wires in the luff, piston hanks in brass at the luff, luff tell-tales and adjustable leechline in the leech.

All sails are delivered in sail bags.


According to the CE marking rules canoes, kayaks and boats under 2,5 meter length can't be CE marked. Therefore not all our boat kits can be CE marked. The boat kits labeled with CE can be CE marked.

The CE marking rules for boat kits are not simple to understand. Here we try to guide you with a short explanation.

As basis; a boat you build from our boat kits shall not be CE marked as long as you build them for yourself and don't want to sell it within 5 years after finishing it. For various reasons you can choose to get your finished boat CE marked and we can assist you in this process.

The first requirement is that you follow the building instruction and don't make changes when constructing your new boat. Second you will have to ask us to do the necessary arrangements, so we can CE mark your new boat. The price for CE marking is € 295.

As said before there is not required you get your new boat CE marked when building it from one of our boat kits. It's also not required you order the CE marking at the same time as you order your boat kit. You can just as well order it later.

If you have any questions to the CE marking please contact us by phone or email.

How long time do I need?

The building time shows the average building time for the basic hull and structure. Fairing, painting, fitting out and rigging will require an additional time. Depending on the desires and skills of the builder the amount of additional time will be 1-1,5 times the specified hours.

Other questions

We are often asked if it is possible to replace the epoxy with polyester. Our answer is that we normally recommend epoxy. Epoxy has better adhesive properties that means it will glue plywood and fiberglass better.

However we are aware of that many of our boat kits have been build with polyester without any problems. We find you are best covered by choosing epoxy but of course the decision is yours.


We can deliver the boat kit to your specified shipping address. We ship the kit ex works which means that you will pay the shipping costs direct to the freight forwarder. The price for the shipping costs depends on the size of the boat kit and in which country you live. You can see an example of shipping costs here below.

15' Canoe

Shipping cost € 69 for:

United Kingdom

Shipping cost € 78 for:

Czech Republic

Shipping cost € 93 for:


We have some very competitive shipping prices and you are of course most welcome to ask for a specific shipping quote for a boat kit.

You are also welcome to pick up your new boat kit direct at our workshop. You can see the exact address for our workshop here below.

Technical support

When you buy a boat kit from us you are not just left alone. We deliver technical support on all our boat kits and this means that you can always get help if you against our expectations should get a problem. Do you have a technical issue you can simply write an email or call us.

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